Tarot Card Major Arcana
Ongoing Series 
- 2018

Tarot Card Illustration


Le Soleil, The Sun, Tarot Card is described as:
"A feeling of optimism and fulfillment. This card represents the dawn which follows the darkest of nights. The Sun is the source of all the life on our planet, and it represents life energy itself. A symbol of our innocence, it represents the happiness that occurs when you are in alignment with your true self. The card depicts innocence and absolute purity."

La Luna, The Moon Tarot Card is described as:
"When we encounter the Moon, we see a path that leads off into the distance. On one hand, the Moon card can symbolize your imagination is taking the best of you. In the dark of the night, you are taking a path that you are unsure of, for there could be danger lurking in its depths. The moon's light can bring you clarity and understanding and you should allow your intuition to guide you through this darkness."

the original classic illustrations are placed below for reference as well.
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